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The First Sunday of each month



As part of our time of prayer for healing,
there is a box on the table by the church door -
if you cannot come in person on the first Sunday of each month at 9.00am or know someone who would like to be included, please your/their name on a slip of paper and place it in the box.  If you feel able to give an example of the problem that is helpful.  For example - “Fred in pain from his back”


The service take place up by the altar


If you would like to come but are a bit unsure about it, please be reassured that it is a very peaceful service, with a simple liturgy.  We pray by name for those for whom prayer has been requested and there is an opportunity for the laying on of hands - which simply means that one of the people leading the service will place a hand on your shoulder and pray for you using the prayers set for the service.

Would you or anyone you know like a visit from a member of our Pastoral Team?  We have a team of trained people who would be very happy to visit anyone who is in need of some company and a chat.  Please e-mail the parish office if you or someone you know would welcome a visit.

There is a board in church for prayer requests - you don't need to give a name unless you want to - your requests will be included in our intercessions, and passed on to our Prayer Group.

Prayer Requests

For the Church of England Prayer Pages.  Follow this link

Pastoral Care and Prayer
Time of Prayer 
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