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Talents Challenge - Presenting our Offering


Please bring your ‘Talents’ offering to Harvest Festival, 29 September or hand it to Mark Broomhead before then.


Please put the monies raised in an envelope, and include a slip of paper with the total raised. You could also include what you did to raise the money, if you would like to.

Read about our Fund Raising project for 2013 -

Barrowby’s Got Talents

Matthew 25:14 - 30

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Days and times vary, please contact Phil Waghorn for more details.

Singing Group
This Month

Rector’s Letter

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We have another exciting and busy year ahead of us – please reserve these dates – as ever, we will need everyone to get involved to make these events successful.

Diary Dates and News Items
Dates for Your Diary
Diary Dates

Our online resource of cartoons and graphics has just launched some new activity sheets for children so we have created a page for them.


The regular “Mouse Makes” activities are still here but have been joined by Bible Bites and Picture Parables.


Please click through and have a look

New Children’s Activities

For more information please  click here

Sunday 7 May

8.00am Holy Communion

9.00am Prayer for Healing

9.30am Morning Praise & Sunday Club Sunday


14 May

8.00am Morning Prayer 10.30am Holy Communion & Sunday Club

Wednesday 17 May

NEW! 2.00pm, Worship, tea and cake, at Redlands, Low Road.

Saturday 20 May  Magical Musical Mystery Tour concerts  see inside for details.


Sunday 21 May

8.00 am Holy Communion

9.30am Families Service

Sunday 28 May

8.00am Morning Prayer

10.30am Morning Prayer and Sunday Club followed by lunch


Love it or loathe it Social Media is all around us and Barrowby Church has now joined in with the action and has its own Facebook page.  It can be accessed by everyone even if you don’t have a Facebook account yourself.  Please click here to have a look at it.

Upcoming Events
Diary Dates