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When do Baptisms take place at Barrowby?

2nd Sundays at 12:00 noon.


How much do Baptisms cost?

The Baptism service itself is free, however we do have an administration charge of £20 per family.


How  many guests can we invite?

As up to three bookings are taken for any one Sunday; in order to be fair to all parties, maximum numbers (per party) should be kept to 35.


Is there an Order of Service we can download?

A copy can be found here

Please consider whether you will keep the vows which you will make in the service, - before the congregation and before God.

These include regular church attendance.


How do we go about booking a baptism?

The basic rule in the Church of England is that if you want to be baptised yourself or to have your child baptised, the right place to do it is in your local parish church. This means that if you don’t live in the parish, we won’t normally baptise your child at All Saints’ Barrowby unless you have been coming to services here regularly over a period of time. Otherwise you should approach your local parish church where you live. If you don’t know which church that is, you can find out by entering your postcode on

If you do live in All Saints’ Barrowby parish, we will be delighted to baptise you or your child here.

All we ask is that you

· Take part in Baptism preparation. (We offer a home based faith refresher course for Parents and Godparents and we would strongly ask you to consider this as a way of understanding your child’s baptism.)

· Meet the requirements about godparents and sponsors.

· In order for you to feel at home in the congregation, come to the main Sunday service for at least four Sundays before the Baptism.

For more information please contact the parish office  or telephone 01476 400851 to arrange a date and time to collect the booking form. Remember to include a contact telephone number.

We normally arrange the baptism date 6 weeks after your inquiry. in order to give you chance to attend church a few times.


What are the requirements for Godparents?

Children who are baptised in the Church of England traditionally have at least 3 Godparents, at least 2 of whom should be the same sex of the child. However, the rules do say that ‘when three cannot conveniently be had’, one Godfather and one Godmother will do.

Before asking friends and relatives to be Godparents, please note...

It is not obligatory to have Godparents. However if you are choosing Godparents please bear in mind that this is a spiritual role - including regularly praying for your child. People without an active Christian faith are unlikely to be able to fulfil their responsibilities to your child.

 Godparents must themselves be baptised, and usually confirmed - or the equivalent in other denominations. Please add the contact name of your local church minister to the registration form.


Service of Thanksgiving for the the gift of a child.

We do offer a Thanksgiving Service which is simply a celebration of a new life within a family, a thank you for a small person given by God to be loved, nurtured and enjoyed. The Minister taking the service will bless the child and pray for the family, but the parents are not required to make any promises as in a Baptism service.


We also offer a full range of activities for toddlers and children (please see see our children and teens page), so that we can help them follow the spiritual path which begins at their baptism.

Order of Service For Baptism

Parenting Article by Dr J Dobson

Baptism FAQs

Baptism is the act by which a man or woman, having openly declared a trust in Jesus Christ and a desire to follow him, is joined to the Christian family, the Church.

Baptism involves a personal allegiance to Jesus Christ, and a commitment to the life, fellowship and worship of the Church. It recognises the gift from God of new life in Christ.

Although baptism normally requires a personal act of faith and commitment, the Church does accept for baptism those who are not yet old enough to do this, on the understanding that the child will receive a Christian upbringing within the family of Christ’s Church.  It is a good idea for Parents and Godparents to read though the details of the Baptism service (link below) and be sure that you yourselves are willing and able to make the vows which you will be asked to take on the day.

Godparents are very important people.  Parents should choose someone who will be a good example and someone who can be relied upon to pray for their child, speak to them about God and encourage them in their Christian faith.

Godparents may be relations or friends, but they are more than that. They have special tasks -- helping children come to know God, encouraging them in their membership of the local church and taking an interest in their pilgrimage of faith.

Godparents must themselves be baptised, and preferably confirmed - or the equivalent in other denominations. Please add the contact name of your local church minister to the registration form.


What is Baptism?